PB Hair Universe Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is it real hair?

A: Our products are made from synthetic fibre- not real human hair.


Q: Can I wash them?

A: You can. We recommend you fill a sink with warm water and pop a little shampoo into the water. Immerse your hair piece, swirling it around the sink. Rinse your hair piece with cold water. Re-fill the sink, add half a capful of fabric softener to the water (such as Comfort or Lenor). Rinse again with cold water. Wrap your hair piece in a towel and gently pat dry. Do not brush your hairpiece whilst wet.  Hang it to dry - remember to pop a towel underneath to catch any drips!


Q: Can I apply heat to them?

A: It’s safe to style your pieces with heat up to 180c. However please be aware if you straighten any of our curly or flicky wefts they will not reshape back to their natural shape due to the heat.


Q: Can I use styling products on them? 

A: Yes, however synthetic hair is not porous so may react differently to your products. 


Q: How do I maintain my hair piece? 

A: Gently brush, starting from the bottom and finishing at the top. We recommend you use a Tangle Teezer or a hair extension brush.  To store, fold lengthways and twirl your piece around your hand to set the shape. Make sure you don’t squash your hairpiece during storage.


Q: Can I return it?

A: We offer 14 day returns on all hair products,provided the product has not been removed from the card or box and doesn't show any signs of wear.For hygiene reasons, we can’t accept returns on worn hairpieces. 


Q: How long do the extensions last?

A: Our extensions will last approximately 20 wears.


Q: Can I wear my human hair extensions with my synthetic pieces?

A: We wouldn’t recommend this as it can cause matting.


Q: What is the full style range?

A: We have 6 different styles to choose from: Curly ¾ Wig, Curly Weft, Curly Pony, Flicky ¾ Wig, Flicky Weft and Flicky Pony.


Q: What is the full colour range? 

A: We have 16 colours to choose from:

Honey Blonde
Ash Blonde
Dirty Blonde
Pure Blonde
Caramel Blonde
Golden Blonde
Golden Brown
Chestnut Brown
Champagne Brown
Chocolate Brown
Natural Black
Dark Brown
Black Burgundy


Q: How do I colour match my hair?

A: We recommend you take a photo of yourself in natural light and email this through to our Customer Care department who will happily help colour match your hair –  If you’re unsure we recommend you order two colours and return the other one.


Q: I have dip dyed hair how will I match the extensions to it?

A: The best way to colour match your  dip dyed hair is to colour match to the ends of your hair to blend this well. 


Q: Can I wear more than one?

A: Yes you can, especially if you have thick hair. We love mixing our weft with a 3/4 wig. 


Q: How do I insert the hair pieces?

A: For our wefts, the hair is attached to a mesh with clips along the top. To clip in simply section the hair halfway down your head, from temple to temple, then clip in along the parting. Take the sectioned hair down and brush this through to blend the piece into your own hair.

With our 3/4 wigs, the hair is attached to a mesh cap with zig zag grips along the top and bottom. To fit, simply section the hair behind your front parting then push the zig zag band into the hair at the parting. Push the zig zag band into the underneath of the hair to secure the bottom. Add Kirby grips if needed to secure the hairpiece further. Pull back a section of hair, backcomb and brush this back over the parting to blend the hairpiece with your own hair, you can further secure and style with hairspray.

For ponytails, the hair is attached to a mesh cap with two grips and a drawstring. Tie your hair into a ponytail at the preferred height. If you have a very short or thin ponytail, add a bun shaper around your ponytail and kirby grip this into place. Insert the grips into your ponytail then pull the drawstring as tight as possible. Add Kirby grips if needed to secure the hairpiece further. Our top tip is to wrap a piece of hair around the seam and grip into place.


Length of the Hairpieces

Curly Weft: 20inches
Flicky Weft: 23inches
Curly Pony: 23 inches
Flicky Pony: 25 inches
Curly Wig: 24.5 inches
Flicky Wig: 27 inches


Weight of the Hairpieces

Curly Weft: 220g
Flicky Weft: 220g
Curly Pony: 200g
Flicky Pony: 200g
Curly Wig: 285g
Flicky Wig: 285g



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